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Pedestrian Flap Barrier NT350
Pedestrian Flap Barrier NT350
Pedestrian Flap Barrier NT350
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Jual Pedestrian Flap Barrier NT350

Spesifikasi Pedestrian Flap Barrier NT350


Flap barrier is a good solution for pedestrian access control requirement.
Passage in one or both directions electronically controlled. On receiving a signal from
the access control system, or remote control, the arms open (Normally Closed NC.)
If an unauthorized person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction,
the in-built alarm system is activated. if within the pre-set timeout no passage has occurred,
the lane will close and reset.

1. Architectural esthetic deign, high quality surface finish 304SS cover, robust steel frame.
2. Smooth operation, reliable performance , low noisy
3. Fraud Detection through sophisticated and proven algorithm.
4. Top quality infrared sensor and logic control system ensure users' safety.
5. Flexible extendibility
6. Easy to install and low cost maintain due to module design.

• Dimension                     : 1400*330*980mm
• Power Supply                : 220V,50Hz or 110V,50Hz
• Operation Temperature :-24℃~+70℃
• IP rating/MCBF            : IP 44/ 2M cycles
• Flow Rates                    : 35 persons/ minute
• Lane width                    : 550mm
• Communication            : RS485, RS323,        
• TCP/IP, RS-845, Dry contact or Wiegand signal

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