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Pedestrian Tripot Barrier NT1080
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29 Mar 2016


Specifications of pedestrian barrier gate :

Power Supply              : AC110V±10V,60Hz / AC220V±10V,50Hz
Power Consumption    : 100 watts/24V
Working Temperature  : -15°C ~ 75°C
Related Humility          : <=95%
Passage Width              : <=60cm
Response Time             : 2s
Passing Speed              : 30 persons/min (normal open)
                                       20 persons/min (normal close)
Input Interface             : +12V electrical signal or DC impulse signal with width >100ms
Stainless Steel Specification : 304SS 2.00mm thickness
Working Interface        : RS485/relay signal


Introduction of pedestrian barrier gate :

1) Arm drop turnstile  is a high-tech product which mainly provides intelligent management to passageway, and is the upgrade product of intelligent tripod turnstile and swing barrier. Like swing barrier, this product is finely processed with complete functions and high level, suitable for high-level neighborhoods, intelligent buildings, hotel, subway, port and club those high-level places.

2) This equipment is subtly integrated with machine, electronics, micro-processor control and ID identification, provides convenience for the use of card reader identification equipments, such as IC card, ID card, bar code and fingerprint. It can carry out intelligent control and management to the passageway through choosing various identification equipments and adopting fair, reliable security protection, alarming equipment and direction indicating equipments.

3) Classified into two kinds:
     Single motor (suitable for single passageway and multiple passageway.)
     Double motors (suitable for multiple passageways)

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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